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new and used tractors
At Benjy’s Tractors, we’ll give you the attention and personal service you’ll come to expect and enjoy. We offer the best in both new and used tractors. Our company has recently become a dealer for new LS Tractors, and we also have a variety of used tractors; specializing in Ford tractors 1953-1985. Benjy’s Tractors has been located in Patterson since 1997.

New & Used Tractors as we see it

Being located in a rural area means there’s always a demand for new and used tractors. This is a good thing as both new and used tractor owners always need their tractors to be working and regularly maintained because a tractor sitting in a barn is a very expensive paperweight.
This is great for you as a new owner if you’re looking for new and used tractors for sale and you buy from us. If you think about it and buy from a local company like us that offers new tractor sales, used tractors, trade-in, maintenance, repairs, and accessories. It means that our used tractors for sale will have more than likely been regularly maintained by us by the previous owner, because once you find a company like ours that you can trust, you stick with them for maintenance and services, also using them for upgrades and new tractor purchases. It all goes in a circle because Benjy’s Tractors are not here just to make a sale, we’re here for all your requirements as your needs change.

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